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Provide the best Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplements science can offer

Attain your health and fitness goal can be a great challenge. This is especially true for the average human being you also already have other life objectives (professional, artistic, etc.), is genetically physically ungifted and/or have a limited budget. We believe that all average men and women should have the chance to be provided with all the available supporting tools (inspiration, motivation, information, technical and technological) to help him/her be as healthy and fit as he/she can be.

This is why Netrients′ commitment is to provide you, in an affordable manner, the best Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplements and other tools science can offer to enhance muscle size and strength, health & fitness as well as life enjoyment.

Not just another Bodybuilding Supplements manufacturer

Netrients is the first of an upcoming generation of Natural Health Product manufacturers developing Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplements using proven active compounds from natural ingredients, and pharmaceutical grade delivery systems. The result is the best array of remarkably effective Muscle Building, Fitness, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Dietary Supplements.

Use of novel and proven active compounds in the formulation of new Bodybuilding and Fitness Nutritional Supplement

It is a known fact that the majority of the ingredients included in most nutritional supplements little effective. Aside from creatine, there is only a handful of proven active compounds and thousands of ineffective bodybuilding dietary supplements sold by hundreds of companies selling their hype. There are very few bodybuilding supplements and Natural Health Products manufacturers with the expertise for researching novel active compounds, and Netrients is at the forefront of them.

"…Netrients´ patend pending oral delivery system increases by 20 fold the absorption of its bodybuilding Natural Health Products"

Few people know that less than 5% of most compounds included in the nutritional supplements they buy from other manufacturers are absorbed. Without an effective oral delivery system, most of what you are ingesting as dietary supplements, aside from amino acids and other simple molecules, is not absorbed. While most vitamins and other bodybuilding supplements manufacturers simply blend all active ingredients, Netrients has developed and patented the most effective pharmaceutical grade oral delivery system.

Developing and testing new Bodybuilding Supplement and Natural Health Products formulas – an art mastered by few others

Interactions between ingredients play an important role in the effect of a Bodybuilding Supplement and other Natural Health Product. Such interactions take a great deal of knowledge to anticipate and extensive research to precisely evaluate. Developing and testing new Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplement formulas is an art mastered by few. Netrients′ strength is not only based on its extensive market knowledge but also on its scientific complete expertise. This expertise allows it to develop the most effective formulas by combining and dosing the right compounds to achieve the expected results – your goals; muscle growth, strength gains, fat loss, increased aerobic capacity, improved overall health, etc.

"…Whether you are a Professional Bodybuilder, an Olympic athlete, or a beginner, Netrients´ Natural Health Products will bring you a great deal of success"


Netrients Bodybuilding Supplements and Natural Health Products products include:
Management Team

Pierre Vinet

Bodybuilding-supplements-founderPierre Vinet, Co-President and Business Development Manager Pierre is an International level athlete who has became an educated (University Graduate in Biochemistry, Master level studies in biomechanics) and experienced (has coached several athletes for more than fifteen years, from beginner to national level competitors) trainer.

With extensive knowledge in traditional and Internet commercialization, and more than ten years of over-achievement in sales and marketing of high technology products, Pierre is an over-achiever in the field of business development. Pierre´s commitment to the business success of Netrients is no hazard since he himself has spent thousands of hours studying, thousands of dollars purchasing and innumerable hours trying leading health and performance promoting products and techniques.
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